Korean strawberry that you must eat.

If you visit Korea in winter, you must eat something.
That’s Korean strawberry.

Korean vegetables and fruits taste quite different depending on the climate.
Fruits in season taste the best.

Korean Strawberries were originally spring fruits.
It was a fruit that I could only eat in spring when I was young, but now it is a fruit I eat in winter.

Korean strawberry that you must eat.
A pack of Korean strawberries is usually 500g to 800g.

Korean Strawberries sold for the first time in winter cost between 15,000 won and 20,000 won per pack.
As time goes by, it falls to 10,000 won.

At the end of winter, the price of Korean strawberries falls further.
Instead, the taste of Korean strawberries also decreases.

Korean Strawberries are not easy to store, so it is most recommended to buy them and eat them within a day or two.
It is not easy to eat overseas as it is a fruit that is not easy to export overseas due to its difficulty in storage.

Korean strawberries definitely taste better than strawberries from other countries.
If you visit Korea in winter, I recommend you to visit a nearby mart and buy Korean strawberries and eat them.

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