Seoul Style Bulgogi

Seoul style Bulgogi is my personal favorite.

A special pan is used to grill the meat in the middle of the pan, with the edge locked in the broth.

The meat of Bulgogi is quite thin, so it should be baked well so as not to burn, and the edge broth should also be soaked with vegetables, so as to let the taste of the broth in the vegetables.

If you look away for a moment, the meat will burn or the vegetables will ripen too much and get tough.

The strength of the seasoning of bulgogi varies depending on the restaurant, so if you feel it is bland, dip it in the sauce served by the restaurant.

The alcohol that goes well with bulgogi is also soju, and a well-selected wine can be good.
But my recommendation is soju.

My recommended Seoul Bulgogi Restaurant in Seoul

If you are in Seoul, there is a Seoul style Bulgogi restaurant that I would recommend.
The location is close to Hongdae and it is not a tourist attraction, so I recommend you visit there.
It is now recommended to foreigners by expanding and relocating.
And this restaurant doesn’t have a chain store.

For your information, if you visit this restaurant, you may be surprised by the amount of vegetables you get, but I recommend that you eat vegetables and meat together.

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