Chumchurum papico – Ice cream flavored soju

A new Chumchurum papico soju has been released.
Chumchurum papico is soju that adds the flavor of Papico ice cream, which is popular in Korea.

A few years ago, adding fruit flavor to soju was popular in Korea.
It seems that adding ice cream flavor has become another trend now.
Soju manufacturers are releasing soju with ice cream flavors one by one, and it remains to be seen whether they will show good sales.

Chumchurum papico

Chumchurum papico is 12% alcohol, which is lower than Chumchurum.
You can feel the scent and taste of ice cream Papico, and the taste of soju comes up at the end.
It seems to have been released for those who are not good at drinking soju, where 16% of alcohol in soju feels strong.

Personally, I don’t want to buy Chumchurum papico, but if you feel burdened with soju, I recommend you try it.

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