Cheolpan Bokkeumbap

Cheolpan Bokkeumbap
Cheolpan(=Iron Plate)-Bokkeum(=fired)-bap(=rice)

When fried, this food using big iron plate, not frying pan.
So Korean call it Cheolpan bokkeumbap.

Basic ingredient is Kimchi and some vegetable like a onion.
also you can put some option ingredient such as beef, Sea food, bacon, ham and a make dish.

Unusually a some kind of sour and sweet source will be with fried rice.
I guess it is reason this is called western style fried rice.

Hongik fried rice 02

Normally price start from 5,000 KRW, the option of ingredient will be make more expensive 500 or 1,000 KRW.

The taste of Cheolpan bokkeumbap is not hot, also almost restaurant has a average cooking, so trying will not be good for you.

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