Cheongpungho – Oksun Bridge, Jecheon

If applicable to Chungju area, it is called Chungjuho(Chungju Lake) or Cheongpungho( Cheongpung Lake) if applicable to Jecheon area.

Chungjuho, Cheongpungho

With an area of 67.5 square kilometers, 97.5 square meters in height, 464 square meters in length, and a reservoir of 2.75 billion tons, it was constructed in 1985 due to the Chungju Dam, which blocked the valley between Jongmin-dong and Dongryang-myeon in Chungju. It is the second largest freshwater lake after Soyang Lake (2.9 billion tons) to be called the sea in the land. Due to its excellent surrounding scenery, abundant water quality, wide water surface, and severe curves and slopes, fish species such as carp, carp, white lotus, rice cakefish, and trout are abundant, and are crowded with all-season fishermen.

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Oksun Bridge

The site of Oksun Bridge was a quiet ferry crossing the river by ferry before Chungju Dam was built. The surrounding Giam cliffs and Chungju Lake combine with Oksun Bridge to create a magnificent view. The sunset of Chungju Lake from above the Oksun Bridge is also famous for its beauty, and many tourists often visit it as a drive course. Oksun Bridge was also selected as the 100th most beautiful road in Korea.

Cheongpungho - Oksun Bridge, Jecheon
Cheongpungho - Oksun Bridge, Jecheon
Cheongpungho - Oksun Bridge, Jecheon

The above pictures were taken near Oksun Bridge.
It’s a great drive course.

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