Chungju Dam

Chungju Dam is a dam located in Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do and construction began in June 1978 and was completed in October 1985.
Koreans don’t know Chungju-si, but they know about Chungju Dam, it is a large dam in Korea.

After the dam was built, the submerged area became Chungjuho Lake and Chungjuho Lake is used as a tourist destination.

Chungju Dam
  • Length: 447 m
  • Height: 97.5 m
  • Storage: 2.75 billion tons
  • 6 Gates
  • an annual supply of 3.4 billion tons of water
  • 600 million tons of flood control
  • 844 million KWH annual power generation

It is a tourist attraction where many tourists visit during the cherry blossom season.
it is a great cherry blossom spot of Chunju.

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