Ottogi Naeng Momil Launched – Cold Soba Noodles

Ottogi released Naeng Momil(Cold Soba Noodles) for the summer season in Korea.
This product embodies the savory flavor and texture of soba noodles with yutangmyeon, and features cool radish and pungent wasabi added to the unsalty soy sauce broth boiled down Katsuobushi.

 Ottogi Naeng Momil - Cold Soba Noodles

It consists of noodles containing buckwheat powder, liquid soup, and radish blocks. “Radish Block” is a block-shaped version of pickled radish, wasabi paste, seaweed powder, and chives, so you don’t have to prepare a separate member.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between dipping and pouring. You can dip noodles and sauces separately like authentic soba, or you can enjoy the soup by pouring diluted sauce into cold water.

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