Dodamsambong peaks

Dodamsambong’s meaning

I do not understand why it translated ‘Dodamsambong Peaks’, because bong is meaning peaks.
‘Dodam’ means just name of local.
‘Sam’ means three and ‘bong’ means peak.
so Dodamsambong is meaning ‘three peak located in Dodam’

Dodamsambong peaks

2 Stroies of Dodamsambong

Story of Jeong Do-jeon

Sambongsan Mountain in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, was washed away during the flood and became the current Dodam Sambong Peak. Jeongseon County is said to have been unfairly demanding taxes on Sambong, which flowed all the way to Danyang. Jeong Do-jeon, a young boy at that time, showed his wit and insisted, “We didn’t ask you to float Sambong off Jeongseon, but we had no reason to pay taxes on the peaks that are useless because they are being damaged by blocking the water.”

A married couple‘s story

The biggest rock is called Janggunbong (Husband Rock), the rock on the left side which appears to be showing coquetry is called Cheopbong (Mistress Rock), and the rock on the right side which is turning away from the big rock is called Cheobong (Wife Rock). The peaks are said to represent an angry wife turning away from her husband who has taken a concubine in order to secure a male heir.

Before the dam was built Dodamsambong
Before the dam was built, Dodamsambong
Before the dam was built Dodamsambong
Before the dam was built, Dodamsambong
최북 단구승유도
Artiest Buk Choi, 1749 yr, Seoul tangible cultural property No 378
Dodamsambong painting, artiest Hong-do Kim
Artiest Hong-do Kim

Dodamsambong is a top of 8 views of Danyang.
also Scenic Site 44, Korea cultural Heritage.

  • Address : 195, Dodam-ri, Danyang-eup, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do

Refer : Korea Cultural Heritage Administration / Korea Tourism Organization

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