Do U like Korea, Join

The Korea Tourism Organization has opened a new website.
It seems to have created a kind of membership program for foreigners who like Korea.

Do U like Korea, Join K-friends

K-friends Website :

About K-friends


About K-friends


An official online supporters group operated by the Korea Tourism Organization
Friends who love Korean culture, tourism and more
Anyone can become a K-friend, online ambassadors promoting Korea around the world

K-friends Qualifications

Simply love Korea and be active on Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, etc.) (visibility – publicly visible)
K-friends Activities.
Follow KTO’s social media channels in the country in which you live (or the closest country) and share their Korea-related postings or create you own.

Membership Benefits

Online certificate, welcome gift, ranking rewards, end of year awards and much more!

I think K-friends is

It is thought to be a membership program newly launched by the Korea Tourism Organization for the day of escaping the Corona 19 virus.
I hope it will be a place to talk and promote with people who like Korea.
Personally, I think the purpose of K-friends is a good idea.
As it is a membership, I hope the Korea Tourism Organization will provide appropriate benefits in the future.


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