Sing Again JTBC TV Show, another audition of Korea.

Sing Again, a newly launched singer audition program at JTBC.

a singer with a big hit but forgotten
a singer who won an audition program but was forgotten
a completely unknown singer

Sing Again JTBC TV Show, another audition of Korea.
Source : JTBC

Lee Seung-gi was the MC for the audition program for these singers, and Korea’s leading singers such as Jeon In-kwon, Lee Sun-hee and Yoo Hee-yeol were the judges.
At the beginning of the show, Jeon In-kwon dropped out and Kim Jong-jin came in as a new judge.

Nowadays, Korea is a trot craze.
There are so many trot related TV shows here and there that the word K-trot has appeared.

Personally, I think this trot craze is passing by, but too many trot shows make me tired.

I think this Sing Again is the audition program that attracts my attention.
And personally favorite singer Lee Sun-hee will appear as a judge.

The first episode has already been aired, and it seems that the talents are already completed as the cast members who are coming out are singers.

I think I’ll be waiting to see Sing Again every week.

I hope many songs will be arranged well in the future.
The drama that is airing in Korea these days is a bit withery, but Sing Again seems to cover it for a while.

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