Gyeongju Hwangridan-gil

Hwangridan-gil is an alleyway called “Hwangnam Big Road” in Poseok-ro, Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju, and is a popular place for young people because of the concentration of traditional hanok-style cafes, restaurants, and photo studios.

The meaning of Hwangridan-gil

The name “Hwangridan-gil” is a combination of Hwangnam-dong and Gyeongridan-gil in Itaewon, meaning “Gyeongridan-gil in Hwangnam-dong.”

Hwangridan-gil is a street where you can feel the old atmosphere as the old buildings of the 1960s and 1970s are preserved, and it is in the spotlight as a tourist attraction in nearby Cheomseongdae and Daeneungwon.

Precautions for Hwangridan-gil.

  • It’s a really hot place for young people.
  • There are many people on weekdays, and famous cafes and restaurants have to wait to enter.
  • It is an old road and the width of roads or sidewalks is not wide.
  • There is a parking lot, but parking is not easy on weekends or holidays.

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