Homigot Sunrise Plaza – Pohang

Homigot is located on the rightmost side of the mainland of Korea.
It is famous as a place to see the sunrise.

The meaning of Homigot.

The meaning of Homigot
  • Ho : Tiger
  • Mi : Tail
  • Got : Cape

Korean maps are also likened to tigers. (Including North Korea)
The area corresponding to the tail of a tiger is Pohang, where Homigot is located.

Homigot is a famous sunrise spot in Korea.

Homigot became famous as the first sunrise spot in the mainland of Korea.
Especially in the new year, many people flock to the Homigot to see the sunrise.
However, on January 1, the sun rises about a minute earlier at Ganjeolgot, not at Homigot.

There are times when it floats first in Ganjeolgot and sometimes it floats first in Homigot.
The reason why it rises first from Ganjeolgot is that the rotation axis of the Earth is inclined.

Homigot Sunrise Plaza

Homigot Sunrise Plaza

As it was developed as a tourist complex in 2000, Homigot Sunrise Plaza was created.
And a sculpture called Sangsaeng’s Hand came in.
The left hand is on the ground and the right hand is on the sea.
It is said that it was created to help each other and give a message that everyone lives together.

Homigot is a must-visit place if you visit Pohang even if it is not a new year.
If you visit Pohang, don’t miss your home.

  • Homigot Sunrise Plaza - Pohang
  • Homigot Sunrise Plaza - Pohang
  • Homigot Sunrise Plaza - Pohang
  • Homigot Sunrise Plaza - Pohang

Address : 20, Haemaji-ro 150beon-gil, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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