K Drama : The Tale of a Gumiho

TVN New Drama – The Tale of a Gumiho

Title of Drama : The Tale of a Gumiho
Director : Kang Shin-hyo
Writers : Han Woo-ri
Cast : Lee Dong-wook, Jo Bo-ah, Kim Bum
Network : TvN
Date of airing : 7 Oct 2020 ~ 3 Dec 2020

A new drama starring Lee Dong-wook has begun airing on tvN.
It is a fantasy drama set in the background of Korean ghosts such as Hotel Del Luna and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

Lee Dong-wook plays Gumiho, while Cho Bo-ah plays the role of a broadcasting producer.
On October 7, the first episode was first aired and watched, and I am looking forward to it.

In the first episode, there will also be a story about Jangseung, who protects the village, and ghosts and monsters from Korean tales and legends will appear in the future.

Gumiho is an ordinary woman, but it is unique that it is a man named Gumiho.

After watching the first episode, action and special effects are okay, and the story is also expected to show good ratings.
Already, the first episode recorded the highest ratings among Wednesday’s dramas.

Since it airs 2 episodes a week, I can enjoy watching The Tale of a Gumiho drama for a total of 16 episodes for 2 months.

Gumiho : nine-tailed fox , 九尾狐

Gumiho (The nine-tailed fox) is an imaginary animal believed to have magical powers. However, it not only refers to a fox with nine tails, but also to a thousand-year-old fox or a spirit of a fox with supernatural powers. Legend has it that every 500 years a fox performs, its tail is split into two, and when it has nine tails, it becomes immortal.

In Korean legend, Gumiho is portrayed as a scary creature that turns into a woman and captivates and eats people, but is also portrayed as a person who tries to become a human being. So if Gumiho eat 100 human liver, Gumiho can become human.If Gumiho marry a human man and stay undetected for 100 days, you will become a human. However, the legendary characters who are in danger of being eaten by Gumiho often overcome the crisis with the help of animals or ghosts who have saved or helped them in the past. Also, with 100 days left, Gumiho is unable to become a human being due to the foolish behavior of a human man, but due to his past affection, he leaves without retaliating.

from : Naver Encyclopedia & Doosan Encyclopedia

In the last episode, Lee Dong-wook was able to pick the sword again, apparently reflecting the old story that Gumiho has to pretend to be a human being for 100 days to become a human.

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