Review of the movie Baseball Girl, Lee Joo-young

​The distribution has been started so that the movie Baseball Girl can see it at home.

As you can see from the title of the movie, the movie Baseball Girl is talking about a girl who plays baseball.
It’s a story that I can easily imagine.
The main story is that a female pitcher who throws more than 130km of fastball challenges professional baseball while graduating from high school.
There are no stories beyond expectations such as conflicts with family members, meeting new coaches, and society that does not recognize female baseball players.

Review of the movie Baseball Girl, Lee Joo-young

It was released at the 24th Busan International Film Festival, not a big budget.

Lee Joo-young, who plays the main character Joo Soo-in, started to gain public popularity through Itaewon Class Drama last year.
It seems to be the right time for a movie Baseball Girl to be released after it began to gain popularity.

The movie “Baseball Girl” flowed quietly.
There was no dramatic element in the ending of the movie.
It ends with a happy ending, but after watching the movie, I think I saw a story as long as there was no awkwardness.
It was a movie that made me look forward to actor Lee Joo-young.
I look forward to Lee Joo-young’s good acting.

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