Milkis – Korean Soft drink with milk

Milkis is a Soft drink launched by Lotte Chilsung in April 1989.
It is made by adding milk flavor to soda and has been somewhat popular so far for its unique taste.

The soda with milk flavor was first released by Ambasa, but it became Milkis’ representative soda through TV advertisements, and many people know that Milkis was released first.

With the launch of Milkis, Hong Kong actor Joo Yoon-bal, who was the most popular in Korea at the time, appeared in the advertisement, which was a huge hit.
Thanks to this advertisement, it can be said that Milkis’ sales exploded.

In particular, Joo Yoon-bal’s line “Saranghaeyo(I love you) Milkis” in TV advertisements is still recognized as a representative advertising hit phrase.

Milkis - Korean Soft drink with milk

Milkis is a soft drink with sweet and creamy taste of carbonated water added to sweet and soft milk.
It targets teenagers, particularly students feeling tired due to long hours of study.
The commercial video for this product where Chow Yun-fat (aka Donald Chow) appears, was a big hit in the initial period of its production in the market.
The product enjoys great popularity in Russia, the United States, and Hong Kong as well as in Korea.

From Lotte Chilsung Website


Milkis is not popular at the time of its launch, but it is a soft drink that is steadily sold.
Personally, I don’t drink it because I buy it often, but sometimes I buy it.
If you have visited Korea, I recommend you to buy Milkis and drink it.

Lotte Chilsung Milkis Website

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