KARA announced the termination of contract with their agency

Korean girl group Kara

Korean Girl group KARA announced the termination of their contract with their agency, DSP Media on 19 Jan 2011.

Four members of the KARA – Han Seungyeon, Nicole Jung, Gu Hara and Kang Jiyoung- said the ther exclusive contract is no longer valid and called on the agency to stop all management activities,

Park Gyulee, leader of KARA did not join. Gu Hara has changed her mind she will be with DSP Media.

3 Member said through Landmark, a law firm representing, DSP Media has used KARA only for commercial purposes, has put KARA in unwanted activities.

DSP Media did not announce yet, DSP Media will announce their official position later.

The media guess this situation from a conflict about sharing of profit. KARA has gotten big population Korea and Japan, specially since last year KARA has good score in Japan. But this is just guess.

I sorry about this situation, Korean called KARA is type of living Idol.
KARA has been unknown Girl group more than 3 years. They has rough time and they has gotten over it.
I hope KARA will be exist as 5 members. do not disband like a TVXQ(Tong Vfang Xien Qi).

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