AOA Leader Leave Team Jimin, Dark Side of Korean Idol

It began on the 3rd when Kwon Mina, a former AOA member, revealed that he had been bullied by AOA leader Jimin for 10 years.

In the end, Jimin left the AOA and retired on the 5th, taking responsibility for the incident.

However, the incident will make it difficult for AOA to continue its activities.

AOA started with eight members in 2012, but only one person in 2016, one person in 2017, and only four people were left with the withdrawal of Jimin.

Despite such problems among the members, there is a bad look at the agency that failed to mediate, and other members of AOA are also receiving a bad look.

AOA’s appearance also failed at the Wonder Woman Festival 2020, which was scheduled for September.

Korean idol groups are expected to have problems with their members if they stay together to succeed as singers at an early age, and they will need a solution to this problem.

I think that living in a dorm, such as starting at such an early age and being locked up, causes problems in the formation of relationships and personality.

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