Miss Trot Season 2 has begun

TV Chosun‘s mega hit, Miss Trot, is back.
On December 17th, Miss Trot Season 2 began airing.

Mis Trot is the one who caused Trot wind in Korea, and with Mis Trot and Mr Trot, Koreans again began to listen to Trot regardless of age. This popularity of trot gave rise to the word K-trot.

Trot is a genre of Korean music that contains Korean sentiment.
It is characterized by a different singing method from general popular music, and it has a similar feeling to Korean folk songs or pansori.

Trot, which has been popular with the elderly in Korea, has been popular with Trot after Miss Trot. Now, children and young people have begun to listen to Trot.

This K-Trot craze is good, but it is a problem that there are too many T-Rot-related TV shows due to this, but I think this is also a passing craze.

Miss Trot Season 2 has significantly improved the skills of the participants compared to Miss Trot Season 1. The participation of foreigners was also seen, and the participation of elementary school students increased.
What is even more surprising is that Park Sun-zoo participated in the judging team.
Park Sun-zoo is a singer, songwriter, and Korea’s best vocal trainer.
There are quite a few top Korean singers who took vocal lessons from Park Sun-zoo.

It is quite surprising that Park Son-zoo just entered the decision of Miss Trot.
Park Sun-zoo did not participate well in the general K-pop audition program.

Miss Trot Season 2 is expected to remain a hit for TV Chosun once again.
People in their 50s and 60s are expected to create fan clubs and support their favorite singers.

I’m very curious about who will be the winner of Miss Trot Season 2
I will be watching TV Chosun Channel every Thursday at 10 pm.

Yongdusan élégie sung by Miss Trot participant, Kim Eui-young

Yongdusan élégie is a song made in the 1950s, and it is a song that comes to Yongdu Mountain in Busan where a man who broke up with his lover has memories and expresses his sadness against the backdrop of Yongdu Mountain.

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