Netflix Sweet Home K Drama Review

I watched the Korean drama Sweet Home, which was distributed on Netflix.
Eventually, my 10 hours disappeared.

I think it’s the third drama that I’ve enjoyed since Kingdom and Witcher on Netflix.

First of all, I didn’t read Sweet Home webtoon.
I personally don’t read webtoons.
Perhaps the story that is different from the webtoon was developed.

I don’t write down the story of Sweet Home. It could be a spoiler.

All the characters were good.
There are personal stories, and the proportion seems to have been appropriately distributed.

I liked the monster that appeared.
CG was not awkward, and it was good to have characteristics of each monster.

Since it was the first season, there seemed to be a lot of stories that unfolded, but there was no problem watching 10 episodes.

I’ve been stuck in front of the TV for 10 hours, and I don’t really know how long the Sweet Home season will last.
I don’t know how far the original webtoon has progressed, but I think it could be released until season 2 and season 3.

Personally, I hope the season will continue to be announced.

Sweet Home is a unique theme and a high-quality drama.
If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you watch it right away.
You should start watching Sweet Home, keeping in mind that 10 hours will disappear.

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