Ottogi Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen (Jin bibim myun)

​It’s a post about Ottogi’s Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen, which I’ve been continuously buying these days.


Bibimmyun is the same food as bibim guksu in Korea.
It’s a kind of ramen that uses ramen’s noodles instead of plain noodles.

After boiling ramen noodles in water for 3 or 4 minutes, wash them in cold water and mix them with sauce.

The taste of this sauce and the feeling of ramen noodles are differentiated, so many Bibimmyun are released in Korea.

Korean Bibimmyun Market

The ramen market in Korea gets hot due to the competition of bibimmyun in summer.
The hot summer climate reduces people’s appetite, so the sauce of Bibimyun, which is sweet, sour, and spicy, is aimed at the taste of Koreans.

Bibimmyun is easy to make and tastes good, so I personally eat it often in the summer.

In Korea, Paldo Bibimmyun is sold the most.
I’ve been eating Paldo Bibimmyun personally, but this summer I changed it to Ottogi Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen.

Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen

Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen

Ottogi Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen is a Jin ramen series, and the sauce continues to be purchased in my heart.

Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen

One advantage is that you don’t feel underweight at 156 grams.

Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen

There are noodles, liquid sauce and soup for toppings.

Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen

First, boil the noodles.

Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen

When the noodles are cooked, rinse them in cold water.
The colder it is, the better, and after rinsing, it removes moisture from the noodles.

Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen

Sprinkle with liquid soup and topping on top.

Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen

After that, you can mix it and eat it.
With boiled eggs, grilled meat, or dumplings, it’s a very good meal.

My recommend

It is light and easy to eat a meal in the summer.
It’s a seasonal food that I don’t want to eat in cold weather.
It seems very good that the rubies are being upgraded in line with fierce competition.

I think I’ll be with Ottogi’s Jin Bibim Noodles Ramen in the summer until my favorite bibimmyun is released.

I think it will be spicy for foreigners to eat.
Since Paldo Bibim men is less spicy, it would be better to challenge Paldo Bibim men first.

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