What is Dueoksini of Bulgasal: immortal souls?

You can see several Korean legendary creatures in Netflix Bulgasal: immortal souls.
There are a number of legendary creatures that Koreans did not know well, and I personally enjoy watching them.

Dueoksini, which showed strong power in Bulgasal: immortal souls episode 1, reappeared in episode 8.
I looked up what Dueoksini is.

What is Dueoksini?

Dueoksini means a ghost weighing on the head.
It talks about the unidentified existence of crushing a person’s head.
It is explained that there is a fear that humans cannot understand and resist.
It is also thought to be a devil associated with head pain or mental illness.

Dueoksini is also a being who bothers, harms, and eats people, but if you take good care of them, they give you goods and treasures and let you have children. This point is presumed to have originated from Buddhism.

Dueoksini is seen as a scary monster rather than a human-friendly being like a Dokkaebi(goblin).

In the future, Dueoksini is expected to appear frequently in Korean movies and dramas.
This is because there is no Korean creatures as powerful as Dueoksini.

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