Terra Beer is a hit in Korea

There are more and more cases of drinking beer in summer.
I only buy Terra beer when I buy beer.
I don’t like beer personally. I don’t drink beer because it doesn’t feel right for me physically, but in hot weather, I hold on to beer.

It was the first terra beer I tasted at the recommendation of an acquaintance who had dinner with me, and my first impression was not bad.
Terra beer has a refreshing feeling.
I didn’t buy the existing Korean beer because it felt a bit bland, but Terra beer was okay.

Last year, a boycott of Japanese products started in Korea.
Especially, Japanese beers were hit hard.
Now it’s hard to find Japanese beer at convenience stores.

Imported beer is sold at convenience stores for four 500 ml cans of beer and five 355 ml cans for 10,000 won.
These discounts have sold a lot of imported beers, especially Japanese beers, but now that Japanese beers have disappeared, Terra beers seem to have brought in sales.

The popularity of Terra beer is expected to continue for a while.

If you visit Korea in the summer, try a simple snack and beer at a convenience store at sunset.
It’s the best place to enjoy beer at the cheapest price.
Some convenience stores don’t have outdoor tables, so you should find a convenience store with outdoor tables.

Terra Beer website : https://en.hitejinro.com

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