Gopchang Tteokbokki

Gopchang tteokbokki, as the name suggests, is a combination of gopchang and tteokbokki.

Korean food, especially for Korean young people, is becoming more intense to captivate the taste buds.
The food is getting spicy, sweet and salty.
I personally don’t like these kind of Korean food because it seems that the advantages of Korean food are disappearing, but I tried it out of curiosity.

If you are interested in Korean food, you may know tteokbokki and gopchang.

You can think of gopchang tteokbokki as really spicy tteokbokki with grilled gopchang on top.
But it’s a bit stimulating and tasty.
And it’s really spicy.

I can’t eat spicy food among Koreans, but it was really spicy.
Of course, I ate it until the end even though I was struggling with the spicy taste

If you have a chance to eat gopchang tteokbokki in Korea, you will have to prepare to fight the spicy taste.
I recommend you to prepare a coolpis or milk.

In addition to gopchang tteokbokki, beef loin tteokbokki and beef brisket tteokbokki are the same style of food.
Meat is topped with very spicy tteokbokki.

And lastly, my personal opinion is…
It is not easy to make tteokbokki delicious.
It’s a fairly simple recipe, but it’s really hard to cook deliciously.
It’s not easy to make delicious tteokbokki that’s not spicy, so I think it’s degenerating like this.
Tteokbokki seems to become spicy and everyone’s favorite meat turns into a topping.

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