Bulgogi [Bul-go-gi] : Bul (=Fire) – gogi (=meat)


Thin slice of beef, garlic, onion, mushroom and scallions, marinated in sweet soy source.
Somebody called it as Korean style barbecue beef.

Anyway, Bulgogi source are using another foods like a
Bulgogi Burger(Patty is marinated in bulgogi source),
Dak bulgogi (with chicken), Dweji bulgogi (with pork) so far.

Related food
Bulgogi deopbob : Deop(=Covered)-bob(Rice)
is served one plate with rice and bulgogi.

Bulgogi Jeongsik : Jeong-sik(=a meal of fixed menu)
Bulgogi, a bow of rice and side-dish.

I strongly recommend bulgogi, it is not hot but sweet little bit, so you will be love that.

Recommend restaurant :
Hanseongkwan : Euljiro 4 ga, Seoul