Bomdong – Korea Spring Cabbage

Bomdong is a cabbage that can only be eaten in early spring.
It is a cabbage that is spread out due to the cold weather in the middle of winter.

Bomdong can only be eaten for one season, and although the leaves are thick, the biggest feature is that the crunchy texture is good and the sweeter it is chewed.
Unlike how it looks, it tastes good.

It is a cabbage that I personally really like because it is rich in vitamin C, calcium, and fiber, which is good for health and inexpensive.
It can also be seen as a kind of Namul.
The price is between 1,500 KRW and 2,500 KRW.

Bomdong Muchim,
Bomdong Muchim

Seasoning is immediately seasoned to preserve the texture of Bomdong.
This seasoned Bomdong(Bomdong Muchim) is eaten with rice or with noodles.
It would be easy to understand if you think of it as a Bomdong salad.

It will not be easy for foreign tourists visiting Korea to eat Bomdong.
There are no restaurants that only sell Bomdong dishes, but they are sometimes served as side dishes, but side dishes change every day, so it will be difficult to get a chance to eat them.

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