​A few days ago, there was news about the Netflix drama Kingdom.
It was the news of the production of Kingdom’s supplementary drama starring Jun Ji-hyun.
And right away, Netflix said that nothing had been decided about this.

As a fan of Kingdom, I have high expectations.

Jun Ji-hyun appeared at the end of Kingdom Season 2.
In other words, Jun Ji-hyun will appear as the main actor in Kingdom Season 3.
It seems that Jun Ji-hyun is trying to move on to Kingdom Season 3 by creating an additional story about the role of Ah-sin.

Kingdom writers Kim Eun-hee and Jeon Ji-hyun are now set to shoot the drama Jirisan, which is scheduled to air next year.

It seems that Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Eun-hee have already talked about Kingdom : Ah Sin.

Since the spread of the Corona 19 virus, Korean drama and film shooting have continued. The new drama is starting to air as scheduled.
And the new Korean drama on Netflix is being registered right away.
Netflix will be grateful for Korean dramas that can be registered after the spread of the Korona 19 virus.
Unlike other countries, Korea is capable of producing content, so the story of this Kingdom : Ah Sin seems to be more credible.

Kim Eun-hee’s new drama “Jirisan” is also expected, but Kingdom : Ah Sin, where Jun Ji-hyun will appear, is expected to be more excited.
Looking at Jeon Ji-hyun’s ripple effect, I’m really looking forward to Kingdom 3 and if Kingdom : Ah Sin, starring Jun Ji-hyun alone, is produced, it will be a drama that everyone is waiting for.