Coolpis : Korean Beverage

The word original follows behind the Coolpis product name.
The reason is that similar products that copied Coolpis’s strong popularity continued to be released.
For example, we can talk about a product called Juicy Cool.

Coolpis is produced by Dongwon F&B and is described below on Dongwon F&B website.

Coolpis with living lactic acid bacteria
Delicious original yogurt drink with living lactic acid bacteria

Coolpis is a long-lived Korean beverage that has been on sale since 1980.
It gained popularity as the cheapest drink, but sales have declined since Korea grew economically.
However, as spicy food gained popularity, sales of Coolpis rose again.
For example, Koreans order Coolpis when they eat very spicy tteokbokki.

Coolpis has peach, pineapple and plum flavors.
Personally, I like plum flavor the most.

If you have a chance to eat spicy food in Korea, don’t forget to take Juicy Cool or Coolpis.
It will be of considerable help.
Of course, milk will help with the spiciness, but there will be no milk on the restaurant’s menu.

Dongwon F&B Website : https://www.dongwonfnb.com/services/EN/Product/Product_View?productno=3875

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