Mount Jiri, Korea’s most anticipated work in 2021, can’t be met on Netflix

The next work of famous Korean writer Kim Eun-hee is the drama Mount Jiri.
According to reports, the drama Mount Jiri has signed an overseas copyright contract with IQIYI, not Netflix.
IQIYI is a Chinese OTT service provider called Netflix in China.

Author Kim Eun-hee and actors Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon were both members of the Netflix Kingdom, so I expected to be able to watch Mount Jiri drama on Netflix, but Netflix failed to purchase the copyright.
Reportedly, IQIYI paid close to 30 billion won for Mount Jiri.

Since the service is available to China’s population and regions including Southeast Asia, the amount invested is expected to be recovered, but it is questionable how it will be distributed in Europe and America.

In the future, it is expected that China will be more aggressive with the overseas copyright contract for Korean dramas.
It is thought to be a phenomenon that occurs as the popularity of Korean dramas increases, but I hope that a company that can distribute it in many regions has signed a copyright contract.

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