Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Secret Garden, Korean title is also Secret Garden.
This drama has being broadcast 13 Nov 2010 from SBS Network.
Air time is 9:50 Saturday and Sunday. 20 episodes.
Genre is romance and fantasy.
Cast are Hyun Bin(as Kim Joowon), Ha jiwon(as Gil Raim), Yoon Sanghyun(as Oscar), Kim Sarang(as Yoon Seul) and Lee Philip(as Im Jongsoo).

Main story is really simple.
Kim Joowon is a son of prominent conglomerate, Gil Raim is a common stunt person. They are falling in love each other and develop happening.

When first episode was aired, Secret Garden did not get attention. reason was story is simple. The audience is fed up with love story between rich man and poor woman. But 9 Jan 2011, Episode 18, recorded about 30% viewer rating. I am also fan of Secret Garden.
Kim Joowon drove many women into a Kim Joowon syndrome.
His training clothe, his dialogue ,shooting location and Gil Raim’s fashion are loved by Korean.
I wonder how can translate Kim Joowon’s dialogue to foreign languages.
I hope enjoy this drama. I recommend it.

Um, Hyun Bin will go to camp on next March. He volunteer for the Marine Corps. I think he makes good decision for him.

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