JTBC K-Drama Forecasting Love and Weather

JTBC Forecasting Love and Weather

Title of Drama : Forecasting Love and Weather
Director : Cha Young-hoon
Writers : Seon Yeong
Cast : Park Min-young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, Yura,
Episodes : 16
Network : JTBC
Date of airing : 12 Feb 2022 ~ 3 Apr 2022

Forecasting Love and Weather Poster

Introduction of Forecasting Love and Weather

Dynamic Korea!

Can I express Korea better than this?
If you turn on the news to the point where you wonder, incidents and accidents that occurred last night will pour out.
But in the big news, what really makes our ears prick up is…
It’s “Tomorrow’s Weather”.

As a result, the clothes I’m going to wear tomorrow change,
Whether to bring an umbrella or a car key.
Whether to eat hot kalguksu for lunch or reserve a cool naengmyeon restaurant.
This is because you can prepare for what to do with your family on the weekend.

Here! Tomorrow’s weather.
In other words, there are people who fight tirelessly to get the right answer in life.
On some days, they are happy that their forecast is right and they are going to jump.
On other days, he missed it and ripped his hair and blamed himself.
Sometimes, I hope their predictions are wrong.
You will look up at the sky with a nervous feeling and eventually realize it.

The answer to life was not decided from the beginning,
The fact that it is the process of taking responsibility for the choices I made and making them correct.
Even if that happens again! Never! Never! I’m sure! I vowed not to do it.
Even if it is a “in-house relationship” like a natural disaster.

from : JTBC Website

The character of Forecasting Love and Weather

Forecasting Love and Weather Park Min-young

Jin Ha-kyung (34yr)

Everything is straightforward.
Work if it’s work, self-management if it’s self-management.
She’s a city woman who has a clear public and private relationship and has a clear relationship.
A smart woman who passed the 5th grade meteorological civil service examination at once.
However, unlike all these popular images, it’s so hard to say that it’s principled
Because of the personality of drawing a line from all relationships,
It is known as a voluntary outsider within the Meteorological Administration.
She is feisty and sensitive

Actress : Park Min-young

Forecasting Love and Weather Song Kang

Lee Shi-woo (27yr)

It was named to be a welcome being wherever you go, just like the rain falling in time.
He does not know if it’s because he was left to my grandfather who farmed all his life.
He is simple and honest with his emotional expression.
He hate ambiguous feelings like flirting because it’s clear that he like it and hate it.
He think he needs to hurry up and go somewhere, but his IQ is as high as 150.
There’s nothing he can’t do if he tries hard, but his interest is only the weather! It’s just that.
Normally, he look like I’m not so gentle, but if it’s related to the weather…
As his eyes change, he shows amazing concentration.
Who said that? If you love someone, you’ll know. If you do, you’ll see.
Complicated diaries and volatile weather are just like that for Siwoo.

Actor Song Kang

Forecasting Love and Weather Yoon Park

Han Ki-joon (34 yr)

It is as logical and persuasive as its straight appearance.
When you explain your position, even more!

He was appointed to the general team of the New Year’s Bureau.
He’s so fluent in expressing his reasons.
He was scouted to the spokesperson’s office.
He’s said to be quick-witted and good at responding to the media.
Everyone knows that there is support from Ha-kyung after that.

Actor : Yoon Park

Forecasting Love and Weather 06

Chae Yoo-jin (25 yr)

She ran around the scene where the news broke out, sat on the terrace of a cafe, and played with her laptop.
She entered the media while imagining the cool appearance of sending articles.
She was deployed to the “Weather and Living Team” because of her lack of depth.

Sunbae said there’s no place like the Meteorological Administration that has a lot of scoop news.
In reality, even a single article about weather
She is getting tired of his situation of having to please the owner of the newspaper company.

Actress : Yura

K-Drama Forecasting Love and Weather is

K-drama Forecasting Love and Weather

The drama that started airing on JTBC on February 12th.
It seems to be a typical Korean romance drama.
Romance between a competent female protagonist and a male protagonist who is naive but has excellent skills.
Song Kang, who made his face known through Sweet Home, and Park Min-young, who often appears as the heroine of romance dramas, appear as a couple.

The difference is that the Meteorological Administration is set in the background.
The Korea Meteorological Administration has recently lost trust due to frequent errors in reliability.
I’m looking forward to how Forecasting Love and Weather will put this part in the drama.

Forecasting Love and Weather is also available on Netflix.
These days, Korean dramas seem to be distributed worldwide through Netflix at the same time as they are aired in Korea.

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