I bought a public KF94 mask for the first time.

I bought a public mask for the first time today.

Every time I pass by a pharmacy, if there is a line to buy a mask, I just think, “They must be selling a public mask in a pharmacy,” and I didn’t buy it even on the available days of the week.

A box of K94 masks and a box of dust masks due to fine dust in the early winter of last year.

I didn’t know there would be a coronal 19 virus infection, so I gave it to my family and acquaintances, but fortunately, there was a little bit left, so I kept using this.

I didn’t think about buying a public mask because it wasn’t long enough for people who commute to and from work every day to buy it

But I was passing by the pharmacy today, and there was no line, so I thought the sales were over.

You can’t see the phrase “public mask sold out” at the entrance of the pharmacy.

I opened the door and asked him, and he said it was possible to buy it, so I bought it for the first time.

Korea's Public Masks(KF94) Purchased Today
Korea’s Public Masks(KF94) Purchased Today

The mask I bought in the early winter of last year, I think I bought a box of 600-700 won each, but it’s quite a high price of 1,500 won.

But now, the supply of public masks seems to have increased a little.

Even though there aren’t many pharmacies around here, when I see things that I can buy while walking by without thinking…

The more you look at the Corona 19 virus infection in Europe and the United States, the more important this mask becomes.

It will be a few more days before we know whether we were so lucky today that we bought public masks like this or whether the volume of public masks has improved.

I hope I can buy a mask and wear it comfortably because of the Corona 19 virus that I don’t know when to step down.

By the way, it’s getting hotter, but it’s going to be hard to wear a mask.

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