Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam’s K Drama Record of Youth begins airing today

​The Record of Youth begins drama tells the story of young people living in a dazzling day.

Since it is a youth drama, it seems that young people will follow the basic structure of trying to achieve their dreams and love without despair even if they face the wall of reality.

I personally think Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam are actors that go well with youth dramas.

I will watch it with interest as the last piece that Park Bo-gum filmed before joining the Navy.
I’m looking forward to seeing how different it will be from the usual youth drama.

As it is a TVN drama, I think it will be distributed on Netflix right away.
It seems that Park Bo-gum or Park So-dam fans overseas can watch without waiting.

If it is distributed to Netflix, the ratings are low, but we hope it will be high.

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