K DRAMA : The Uncanny Counter

OCN DRAMA – The Uncanny Counter

Title of Drama : The Uncanny Counter
Director : Yoo Seon-dong
Writers : Yeo Ji-na
Cast : Jo Byung-gyu, Kim Se-jeong, Yoo Jun-sang, Yeom Hye-ran
Network : OCN
Date of airing : 28 Nov 2020 ~

The Korean title of The Uncanny Counter is Gyungiroun sonun.
To translate directly into English, it is Amazing Rumor, but considering that the male lead’s name in the play is Somun, I think Amazing Son is right.

The Uncanny Counter is a hero drama produced by OCN.
The webtoon of the same name was produced in a drama.
Perhaps because the webtoon was made into a drama, the character’s character and action is exaggerated.
The story seems to be a little bit simple but also comic.

I think The Uncanny Counter is a drama where families can gather and enjoy watching.
Hunters who catch evil spirits showing good and bad will continue to act and tell stories, so you can watch it without deep thought.
It is a drama similar to Mystic Pop-up Bar. Hunter catches ghosts and ghosts.

You can watch it on Netflix, so I recommend you watch it.

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