K Drama : Awaken, tvN and Namgoong Min

tvN DRAMA – Awaken

Title of Drama : Awaken
Director : Kim Jung-hyun
Writers : Shin Yoo-dam
Cast : Namkoong Min, Kim Seol-hyun, Lee Chung-ah
Network : tvN
Date of airing : 30 Nov 2020 ~ 9 Jan 2021

K Drama : Awaken, tvN and Namgoong Min

“A preview murder mystery that digs into the secrets of a mysterious incident that took place 28 years ago in a village in connection with the current mysterious events,” the media explains Awaken.

First of all, the biggest advantage of this Awaken drama is that Namgoong Min is the main character.
Namgoong Min is an actor who is drawing high ratings with good acting skills.
There is a perception among people that they trust and watch dramas starring Namgoong Min.

Once the second episode was aired, it is hard to tell exactly what the pre-announced murder started for what reason.
The drama is being played with speed, but I think we’ll have to wait and see.
Maybe they will solve the reason one by one.

Although it has not been aired on Netflix yet, since tvN dramas are well distributed on Netflix, you may be able to meet Awaken on Netflix if you wait a little longer.

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