Jinro Soju is back.

One thing that shows the popularity of Korea’s retro is the return of Jinro Soju.

Soju Jinro was a brand that disappeared after handing over its place to Soju Chamisul in 1998.

In April 2019, soju named Jinro was released again, and it began to gain popularity from young people.
In particular, the mascot toad, which used to represent Jinro Soju, also returned.

In the days when career Jinro Soju was the epitome of Soju, people even said, “Let’s go catch a toad” to the expression “Let’s have a drink.”

Jinro Soju, which is back again, is also soju with a low alcohol content of 16.9 degrees.
Personally, I don’t drink well because the aftertaste is a little sweet.

If you visit Korea, I recommend you to drink Jinro soju.

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