It’s Jjinppang that come to mind when the cold wind starts to blow.
It’s hard to call it a meal and it’s a snack.
You can buy it on the street or it costs about 1,000 won each.

Jjin is meaning steamed, ppang is meaning as bun or bread.


Jjinppang has red beans in it.
Children like Jjinppang because red bean is sweet.

Jjinppang are not made at home anymore, so they taste almost the same.
So it’s quite sweet.


However, high-quality Jjinppang are not that sweet and the taste of red beans is deeper.
Now, you can see these high-quality Jjinppang in rural areas of Korea.

Jjinppang are delicious when you blow them with your mouth when they are hot.
It gets hard after it cools down, so it’s not good to eat and tastes bad.

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