K Movie Special Delivery – Park So-dam, Song Sae-byeok

The movie Special Delivery shows the new look of actress Park So-dam who made her face abroad with the movie Parasite.

You can see a new appearance with a movie starring Park So-dam.

Title : Special Delivery (특송)
Director : Park Dae-min
Starring : Park So-dam, Song Sae-byeok, Kim Eui-sung
Accumulated number of viewers: 430,000 (Korea)

K Movie Special Delivery

Introduce the movie Special Delivery

‘Eunha’, a special express driver, gets caught up in an outrageous incident due to an unexpected delivery accident. Up to 30 billion won in non-returnable baggage that I accidentally checked in! They become the targets of the police and the National Intelligence Service, and they start a hunt for everything in the middle of the city… NO BRAKE! FULL Excel! A 100% success rate professional driver is coming!

The point of Movie Special Delivery

K Movie Special Delivery

The first start of the movie begins with an overwhelming car chase scene.
You can see all over Busan with a beautiful night view, and you can feel the thrill along with the tense OST.

K Movie Special Delivery

Actor Kim Eui-sung took on the role of the president of a delivery company, and it felt a bit like a SBS drama Taxi Driver, but from then on it was fine.

K Movie Special Delivery

Actor Song Sae-byeok played the biggest role in the Special Delivery for the movie.
Actor Song Sae-byeok’s role as a villain approaches something different, but he brings out his own characteristics well.
Song Sae-byeok’s acting seems flawless.

K Movie Special Delivery

Disadvantages of Special Delivery

It is quite unfortunate that the story slows down in the middle, despite the intense car chase scene in the beginning, Park So-dam’s action acting, and Song Sae-byeok’s impeccable acting.

It gets faster towards the end, but the looseness in the middle continues to be a disappointment because other parts are good.

K Movie Special Delivery

Movie Special Delivery is

It is not easy to say that Special Delivery is a very well-made entertainment film.
Still, it can be said to be an entertaining enough film.

You can’t see the movie Special Delivery on the OTT service yet, but it is expected to be registered soon.
Don’t miss out and watch this movie.

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