KBO League Limited Entrance to the Audience from 26th July.

‚ÄčThe KBO League began on May 5, 2020.
Fortunately, the game has not been stopped or the player has not been infected with Corona 19 virus.

With the announcement of the South Korean government, spectators in the KBO league will be able to enter from July 26.
However, not all local competitions are open to spectators.
Some areas are currently undergoing rehearsals.

Only 10% of the stadium’s capacity is allowed.
Tickets are sold online only.

The mask must be worn, and should sit apart even when entering together.
You can’t even eat in the stands.
The fun of watching Korean baseball at stadium, group cheering and chicken and beer will be difficult for a while.

There are many restrictions, but it’s going to be great news for baseball fans.

As of July 28th, the spread of the Corona 10 virus in Korea is very well managed. If it is maintained well in the future, the number of visitors available will increase.

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