Korean Boy Group Kingdom. 승천 (Ascension) MV Teaser with strong Korean colors

The boy group “Kingdom” presented a concept that exudes a Korean atmosphere.

On the 11th Mar 2022, Kingdom released a teaser video for the music video of the title song “승천 (Ascension)” of its fourth mini-album “History of Kingdom : Part 4. Dann” through its official account.

The release date of the History of Kingdom : Part 4. Dann mini-album has been postponed from 17th to 31st due to the COVID-19 confirmed by Arthur and Mujin members of Kingdom.

The video began with the performance of traditional Korean instruments such as haegeum, Daegeum, Gayageum, and flute, with the door with colorful Tenjangsaengdo on it opened.

In particular, the appearance of the members wearing hanbok and Gonryongpo(The robes that the king wore.), which means “glory,” “memory,” and “shadow,” attracts attention.

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