Juicy Cool : Cheap Korean Beverage

Juicy Cool is a similar product of Coolpis, a famous Korean drink.
Coolpis is so popular that the drink released by Binggrae is Juicy Cool.

The description of Juicy Cool on Binggrae’s website is as follows.

Sterilized lactic-acid beverage with fresh fruit flavor and taste!

Juicy Cool is a cheap Korean drink.
It’s not a fruit drink because it’s cheap, but a fruit-flavored drink.
It’s very sweet and strong, so I think it’s okay to eat it on ice.
There are plums, green grapes, pineapple, and peach flavors.
Personally, the peach flavor is the best.

Juicy Cool : Cheap Korean Beverage

Juicy Cool started selling in January 1999 and has gained popularity due to its low price.
Much cheaper prices, such as milk and coke, led to sales.
However, as Korea’s economic power has grown now, it is not being sold as it used to be.

It’s delicious if you freeze it in summer.
It tastes good if you freeze it and eat it like ice cream because it’s very sweet and thick.
When I was young, I remember freezing Juicy Cool or Coolpis instead of expensive ice cream.

Juicy Cool’s popularity is increasing as spicy food among Korean foods has recently begun to gain popularity.
Milk is more effective to neutralize the spicy taste when eating fairly spicy food, but many Koreans cannot digest milk.
So Korean drink Coolpis or Juicy Cool instead of milk.
If you go into a Korean restaurant to eat, and it sells Coolpeace or Juicy Cool, you should think that the food in the restaurant is spicy.

If you have a chance to eat spicy food in Korea, don’t forget Juicy Cool or Coolpis.
It will be of considerable help.

Binggrae website : http://eng.bing.co.kr/brand/ferment/1164

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