Myungrang Hotdog – Korea’s famous franchise of Corn Dog.

Myungrang Hotdog is the most popular hot dog franchise in Korea.

Corn dog is called a hot dog in Korea.
It is a street food that can be easily eaten on the street.

Myungrang Hotdog

The characteristic of Myungrang Hotdog is that it uses rice flour and starts cooking when an order is placed.
I cooked it right away to make the most of the crispy feeling.

Hot dogs sold on the streets of Korea were cooked in advance, so the crunchiness was reduced.

Myungrang Hotdog has been gaining considerable popularity in Korea, opening its first store in Busan in July 2016 and opening its 1,000th store in September 2018.

Myungrang Hotdog
Basic Style of Myungrang Hotdog

The price of Myungrang Hotdog starts at 1,500 KRW (about $1.2).
Prices vary depending on the main ingredients and prices vary depending on toppings and sauces.

Myungrang Hotdog
Image from Myungrang Hotdog

There are quite a few kinds of hot dogs, so it’s fun to choose and eat what you like.

In Korea, it is sold as a set menu with spicy tteokbokki, so hot dogs are dipped in tteokbokki or dipped in tteokbokki.

I Knew that Myungrang Hotdog has also entered overseas.
It is said that stores have also been opened in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and Cambodia, so if you are around, I recommend you to try the basic style of Myungrang Hotdog.
And if you like it, try other kinds of hot dogs.

Myungrang Hotdog Website : EN / US

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