Samgyetang – Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

The meaning and meaning of samgyetang.

Samgyetang can be translate to Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

  • Sam meaning is Ginseng
  • Gye meaning is Chicken
  • Tang meaning is Soup

Samgyetang is a famous prevention sickness food for the hot weather like a summer.
How dose Samgyetang prevent sickness?
The reason is Samgyetang include medicinal herbs such as ginseng, jujube, ginger and goji berry(wolfberry) also be added.

How to cook samgyetang

Cut the belly of a whole young chicken, and remove all of the internal organs.
Put glutinous rice, garlic and jujube inside of chicken, and boiled with ginseng and another medicinal herbs.

The basic cooking method of samgyetang is as above.
However, if you cook like this, it doesn’t taste thick.
Samgyetang restaurants make a separate broth and cook it.


Samgyetang which is becoming a custom.

In the old days, when there was not enough food to eat, Korean ate samgyetang to withstand the heat.
Samgyetang is a fairly high-calorie food.
It has the same calories as having eaten three general meals.
It is a good food to eat when you are tired, or it is difficult to recommend eating often on a normal basis.

In the past, it was not easy to obtain ginseng, and it was difficult to obtain other ingredients for ginseng chicken soup.
Now you can easily get ingredients for samgyetang.
As such, the scarcity is lower than before.

Now, it should be said that Koreans do not have to eat samgyetang to withstand the heat.
Samgyetang is now a custom to eat only on dog Days in Korea.

Recommendation for samgyetang

It is a food that does not show red color among Korean foods and is always welcomed by foreigners.
I know there’s a lot of chicken soup in other countries.
Nevertheless I strongly recommend Samgyetang.
If you have chance to be in Korea, You got to eat Samgyetang.
Make sure Eating Samgyetang in specialty Samgyetang restaurant, not a regular restaurant.
Price is suppose to be 10,000 KRW ~ 15,000 KRW 14,000 KRW ~ 20,000 KRW.

Enjoy Samgyetang !

A recommended restaurant

Baeknyeontojongsamgyetang : Hongik Univ area, Seoul
Tosokchon Samgyetang : Jongno-gu, Seoul

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