Yukhoe and Yuksasimi – Raw Beef, Korean food

Yukhoe refers to meat that is not cooked by fire in the sense of the word.
It’s like eating raw meat without seasoning.

However, contrary to the meaning of this word, Yukhoe became the name of a particular food, so raw meat food has a different name.

Eating raw meat like this is one of the characteristics of Korean food.



Yukhoe refers to the food that is eaten with sliced pears after slicing raw beef thinly and mixing with various spices.
Seasonings include soy sauce, minced garlic, sesame seeds, and sugar.
And egg yolk usually goes up.

Meat is usually used in areas that are less oily, such as rump or Beef shank.
The reason why people eat with pears is because pears have enzymes that break down proteins.

Yukhoe tastes sweet and savory, so once you start eating it, it tastes really good.
If yukhoe seems difficult to eat, I recommend you to try yukhoe bibimbap.


Yukhoe and Yuksasimi - Raw Beef Korean food

Unlike Yukhoe, Yuksasimi can be eaten faithfully to the taste of raw meat without any seasoning.
Yuksasimi is usually dipped in sauce.
The sauce varies depending on the region or restaurant.
There is a sauce made of salt and pepper in sesame oil, and a sauce made of red pepper powder and garlic in sesame oil.

Yuksasimi uses different parts of beef.
Each restaurant uses different parts and does not tell well.

Yukhoe and Yuksasimi

If you haven’t eaten raw meat, you may be reluctant to eat Yukhoe and Yuksasimi.
If you visit Korea, I recommend you to try it.
I think yukhoe will be easier to eat than Yuksasimi.
And Yuksasimi is more expensive than Yukhoe.

If you visit Seoul, I recommend you to visit the Yukhoe restaurant in Gwangjang Market.

more info of Yukhoe : Google, Wikipedia

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