Gukmul Tteokbokki – Soup Tteokbokki

Topokki, Tteokbokki.
Um, I wish please standardize the name of this food.
I can search Topokki and Tteokbokki at Google.
In my option, Tteokbokki is correct. Topokki is a kind of putting it simply.
I know Topokki is easy to say and hear for foreigner.
Anyway Korean Government or Some Hangul Organization have to do something to standardize of Hanul romanization about name of Korean stuff.

Soup Topokki

Gukmul – Tteokbokki

Gukmul meaning is Soup, so it can be called Soup Tteokbokki.
Gukmul Tteokbokki is derived from Tteokbokki.
The taste of Gukmul Tteokbokki is a same as Tteokbokki, Difference is Spoon and Pork or Chopstick. When you eat Gukmul Tteokbokki, need only spoon not pork and chopstick.

Price is 3,000~4,000 KRW per one person.

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