Taekwondo’s New Attempt – Power Taekwondo

Taekwondo is becoming a boring sport now.
Taekwondo even hear that it’s like a foot fencing.

To escape this image, the Korea Taekwondo Association is making a new attempt.
It’s like introducing a gauge like a fighting game to show the physical strength of a game character.
This kind of Taekwondo is called Power Taekwondo.

If the correct blow is made, the player’s physical strength will be reduced immediately.

Even if you don’t know the rules of Taekwondo, it seems that you can enjoy it with the cheerful action of Taekwondo.

In addition, the Death Match was introduced to form a team of three players, taking turns and competing like a game.

This new attempt at Taekwondo is likely to gain popularity.

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