McCol – Korea’s unique Barley Soft drink

McCol is probably a soft drink that can only be purchased in Korea.
It was released in 1982 and gained huge popularity for a while, but now it is a soft drink with little presence.
How popular it was at that time was that competitors made and sold similar soft drinks.

Mc means barley and Col means coke.
In other words, McCol is a barley coke.
McCol contains 10% of barley extract.

That’s not to say that McCol’s taste is similar to Coke.
It’s hard to describe the taste of McCol.
It tastes a bit bitter.
Some people say that it tastes like beer without alcohol.
It seems to be because barley extract is included, but the taste of McCol is very mysterious.
You’ll have to drink this to find out.

Personally, I don’t drink soft drinks very often.
If I buy a soft drink and drink it, I tend to drink Coca Cola.
I don’t drink McCol. Personally, I don’t like it.

But there is a maniac who likes McCol.
Because of these enthusiasts, McCol continues to sell.

A unique barley soft drink that can only be drunk in Korea, McCol.
I recommend drinking when you visit Korea.

If you go to a convenience store in Korea, you can buy it easily.

McCol official Website : https://ilhwa-eng.uriweb.kr/175

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