What do you need to enter South Korea

Traveling to Korea has become possible since April 1 2022.
In other words, there is a way to enter Korea without quarantine.

Koreans can enter Korea without quarantine from March 21 when they enter the country from abroad, but foreigners can enter the country from April 1.

If you are planning a trip to Korea, the necessary things are as follows.

K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization)

K-ETA is necessary to travel to Korea without a visa.

You have to apply for K-ETA and pay 10,000 KRW.
If approved, it is valid for two years from the date of arrival in Korea.

More information about K-ETA can be found here.

Q-Code : Certificate of vaccination

South Korea has prepared a Q-Code system to certify foreigners’ vaccination.
You can prove to Q-Code that you have completed your vaccination.

Completion of vaccination is recognized up to six months of secondary vaccination, and there is no expiration period if a booster shot is inoculated.

You can conveniently enter to Korea by using the QR code received after entering Q-code.

More information about Q-Code can be found here.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance with a minimum guarantee amount of 30 million KRW (about USD 25,284) to cover COVID-19-related medical expenses is required.

Negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test results

RT-PCR test negative results within 48 hours of departure to Korea are needed.

And when you arrive at Incheon International Airport in Korea, you have to take an RT-PCR test again.
Before departing for Korea, you must make a reservation through Safe2GO pass website.

Download Self-Check Mobile App

Travelers who enter Korea will use Self-Check Mobile App for 14 days to record their status.
You can download Self-Check Mobile App in advance or download it when you arrive at Incheon Airport in Korea.

More information about Self-Check Mobile App can be found here.

If you stay in Korea for more than 8 days

If you stay in Korea for more than 8 days, you will need to take a self-administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) on the sixth or seventh day of arrival.

It’s still complicated

Although quarantine exemptions for foreign travelers have been established since April 1, there seems to be a lot to prepare for entering Korea.

Personally, I think some things should be excluded.
It is expected to be simplified after the peak of the spread of Omikron Corona in Korea.

One thing I can say is that when you enter Korea, you can enjoy traveling to Korea without restrictions.
Everything, including subways and public transportation, is operating normally, so there will be no inconvenience.
All you have to do is wear a mask and go around.
However, it would be a little inconvenient for restaurants to close at 11 p.m.
(This restriction is expected to disappear in April.)

Restaurants and bar clubs are now open 24 hours a day and it is not mandatory to wear masks outdoors.

Social distancing will be eliminated in Korea from April 18.
South Korea Mask Rules – No Mask outside starting 2 May 2022

It was confirmed that related information has not yet been updated on the VisitKorea.or.kr website operated by the Korea Tourism Organization.
Once the update is complete, I will link to the site.

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