South Korea Mask Rules – No Mask outside starting 2 May 2022

The Korean government announced that it will lift the obligation to wear masks outdoors from May 2.
From 2nd May, people will be able to walk outdoors with no masks in Korea.

The spread of the omicron virus is rapidly decreasing and is stabilizing considerably in Korea and considering Korea’s medical level, it seems that the dangerous situation has passed.

However, there are cases where you must wear a mask outdoors.

  • Rally (more than 50 people)
  • Performance or Concert (more than 50 people)
  • Watching sport games (more than 50 people)

Wearing a mask outdoors is subject to an individual’s autonomous decision except for the above three cases.

It does not include events or festivals that can gather more than 50 people.
However, it is recommended to wear a mask in crowded places.

Social distancing will be eliminated in Korea from April 18.
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