What is Makgeolli?


Makgeolli is one of the traditional Korean drinks.

The word makgeolli can be separated, Mak + geolli.

“Mak” meaning is “Careless, crude” / “geolli” meaning is “filtering”

so Makgeolli is a not good quality drinks and anyone can make.

Makgeolli is a commoner’s drink and local liquor.


Makgeolli’s another names


Takju : Tak(meaning is ‘ turbid’, ‘opaque’) + ju(meaning is  ‘alcohol’)

Nongju : Nong(meaning is ‘farm working’) + ju(meaning is  ‘alcohol’)

Baekju : Baek(meaning is ‘white’) + ju(meaning is  ‘alcohol’)


Makgeolli is


I don’t drink makgeolli often personally.
I usually drink soju, but on a rainy day, I sometimes buy it because I want to drink it with OO.

Or, if I have chance to eat Hongeo hoe, I am looking for makgeolli.

Other than that, drinking makgeolli is a case where physical consumption is high.

Once I drink makgeolli, I’m full.
Because of this, I can’t drink much, and sometimes I drink instead of eating.
Maybe I drink makgeolli with simple food when I get older.

convenience store

all convenience store sell Makgeolli

Recommend try it & taste it


Makgeolli is not strong, only 5~6% alcohol.

You can buy any convenience store, the price is about 1,300 KRW ~ 1,800 KRW.

It is released these days is too sweet for me.