The below description is from Lotte Liquor BG co, manufacture Chungha.

Chungha, inviting you to celebrate every joyous occasion “Chungha,” long loved by the Korean people as a synonym for refined rice wine, is typically served chilled. Launched in 1986, it boasts a clean and mild taste and fragrance; this is accomplished by gradually fermenting rice (which has been polished three times) for a month in low temperatures of between 12-15 degrees Celsius. Any bitter taste and alcohol smell are removed by using a cooling filter. Amino acids found in “Chungha” help to boost the true taste of foods, by adding flavor and leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Chungha is a one of Korean special grade refined rice wine.
Chungha is not stronger than Soju. Alc is about 13%.

Korean usually drink Soju, but some Korean does not like alcohol smell of Soju. so they pick Chungha or Sansachun.
I also like Soju, but sometimes I drink Chungha with marinated meat, like a Galbi and Bulgogi.

If you have chance to eat marinated meat, how about order Chungha. Chungha will not disappoint you.

Price : around 2,000 KRW(grocery store) / 2,500 KRW (Convenience store) / 4,000 ~ KRW(restaurant)

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